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Unique Transport Solutions Ltd are a small company that packs the punch of a national supplier. We can supply vehicles nationally on a leasing and a daily hire basis. We work with some of the biggest funders and car/van manufacturers in the industry. We are part of a bigger leasing network, that can cope with any increase in capacity. 

The team, takes customer service to another level, we want our customers to feel special, to tell their friends about us, we want our customers to be treated in the same manner as we expect to be treated ourselves, when we make any kind of purchase. The key for us, is to get the right car/van at the right price for our customers and to make our customers feel valued. 

When you lease a car/van from Unique Transport Solutions Ltd there are other services that can be made available to you:

Whether you lease a car/van or a fleet of cars, vans your vehicles(s) are managed on bespoke vehicle fleet management software. 

Maintenance packages can be added to your lease, that mirror the terms of your lease and cover your vehicle throughout the entirety of the lease.

Maintenance cover the following points: 

Vehicle Maintenance


 Vehicle maintenance is something that can’t be avoided, and all vehicles must be maintained at all times in line with the Manufacturer’s guidelines. Our Comprehensive Maintenance Cover means that customers pay one monthly fee and never have any unexpected surprises.

 What’s included?

 ·       One-call booking service direct to our Vehicle Service Management team who can handle all customer queries.

 ·       Routine servicing and mechanical repair requests handled Mon-Fri from 8am to 5.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

 ·       Roadside assistance, replacement tyre emergencies and windscreen repairs handled 24 hours a day.

 ·       Servicing, maintenance and repairs, including routine maintenance, replacement batteries and exhausts.

 ·       Tyres.

 ·       Breakdown assistance available 24/7.

 ·       Replacement glass (rechargeable on use).

 ·       MOT (for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire and Finance Lease agreements with maintenance).


We constantly monitor our supplier network to ensure that our drivers receive the best service at all times. Our maintenance package allows drivers to get the maximum value from their vehicle with minimum downtime, by offering courtesy cars where available. Using our scale, we can keep charges well below those available to independent buyers, passing reduced costs on to our customers.


You can book online or by calling a single telephone number. Once your booking has been confirmed with a garage you will receive an email or SMS containing the booking date.

 We can also offer:

 ·       Free collect (before 11am) and return (before 5pm) service.

 ·       Subject to availability and given 5 working days’ notice.

 ·       Free complimentary courtesy car for business customers only.

*Please note: This is subject to availability; 5 working days’ notice is required, and you must have adequate insurance cover. For prestige vehicles a longer notice period of 10 working days’ notice is required. When you collect your courtesy car, you will need to produce your driving licence, DVLA code and current insurance documents. Your booking agent or our online function will provide full details when you contact us.

A dedicated team who will chase progress of repairs and keep you updated until your vehicle is returned, if it remains off the road for any reason.


Our Comprehensive Maintenance Cover takes the hassle out of managing routine and emergency vehicle maintenance and can provide cost savings for our customers. Details of the key features of our cover are provided below.


What’s included:

 ·       Qualified assistance/guidance on your booking

 ·       Text message reminder

 ·       Pre-allocated service slots

 ·       Reduced labour rates and discounts on approved spare parts

 ·       Free collection/delivery of vehicle from home or work.

 ·       Subject to availability and given 5 working days’ notice

 ·       Detailed list of all repairs carried out

 ·       Courtesy car provided for Business Users only*

 ·       A network of over 5,900 dealers across the UK

 What’s not:

 ·       Consumables such as oil, windscreen washer fluid, or AdBlue, unless part of scheduled service

 ·       Replacement of damaged, missing or stolen items

 ·       Repair of accident damage or vehicle abuse

 ·       Consequential wear/damage to covered parts that have failed due to lack of/irregular maintenance/servicing of vehicle. Including diesel particulate filters (DPF filters) on diesel vehicles not operated as per the manufacturer’s guidelines

·       Paintwork and body damage

·       Paintwork and body damage

·       Driver induced faults


 What’s included:

 ·       Provided by Kwik-Fit at locations across the UK/ via a mobile service

 ·       No-hassle service

 ·       No recharge for replacement of tyres with < 2mm tread depth, puncture repairs, or tyres with side-wall damage, provided our preferred supplier is used

 ·       Premium-branded tyres

 ·       Health and Safety compliant

 ·       Inclusive for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire and Finance Lease agreements with maintenance

 ·       Tyres inflated with nitrogen as standard

 ·       Winter Tyre Hotel (at additional cost)

 What’s not:

 ·       Replacement due to damage from a road traffic accident

 ·       Replacement due to theft

 ·       Subject to malicious damage or vandalism

 ·       Subject to an insurance claim or if fraud is suspected


 What’s included:

·       Support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Delivered by the AA

·       Inclusive for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire and Finance Lease agreements with maintenance.

·       Roadside assistance from the driver’s home, workplace or during journey

·       One call service support

·       AA manages recovery process, inc referral to other breakdown provider if covered free of charge under manufacturer warranty

·      Driver downtime minimised with average attendance time of 49 mins and 80% of vehicles repaired at roadside

·       Available to all fleet-managed vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and not longer than 5.5 metres or wider than 2.3 metres.

·       Pre-arranged European cover included

·       Larger commercial vehicle cover available via AA Commercial Assistance


What’s included:

·       One call service

·      No-hassle service

·       Service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

·       Leading auto glass providers used

Replacement Glass Service is recharged on use

We can provide the right solution for your company through our leasing site or through our daily hire site:

For business's we work in partnerships, with insurance and fuel card providers, to point you in the right direction, to enable you to potentially save money on these services or products.